Are you a teacher?

Do you love inspiring others and sharing what you know, yet often feel overworked, stressed or under pressure?

Do you sometimes have those days when you wonder why you chose this profession and wish there was someone who would understand and help you get back to being you again? 

Then ‘welcome!’ You have come to the right site!

Given how demanding education continues to become, the rapid advances in technology, and the global changes in employment dynamics, there is a real need for personal support for teachers, yet it seems so hard to find.

No doubt about it, teaching is a fulfilling and rewarding job but often very demanding; we give so much to others all the time. Now, at iCoachTeachers.co.uk, you can get something back.

As ‘The Teachers’s Coach’, I’m committed to bridging this gap and offer professional coaching for you, the person, and workshops on advanced mindset technologies and personal development to help further you not just in your career aspirations, but in life, your relationships and your goals, dreams and ambitions.

With a long, successful career as a teacher and education leader myself, & since 2004 a coach, trainer and professional speaker who has trained internationally with some of the most renowned thought and business leaders in the world, I’m passionate about bringing the best of what I have learned over 2 decades of experience, to help teachers just like you.

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